Mario Gastaldi: innovating from Human Resources

Mario advises entrepreneurs directors, acting as a coach, trainer, facilitator for individuals and groups on topics such as Engagement / Reasons Organizational and staff, facilitation of organizational change, internal communications, and new organizational models of emergent collaboration, made possible and facilitated by social technologies. He founded the Brain Team Consulting ( which is the CEO.



Norman Lewis: innovating the future

With over ten years of experience in telecom innovation, Norman is recognized internationally as an expert on trends and behaviors for use around the world of voice, messaging and general digital lifestyles. Previously he was a member of the Executive Board of the MIT Communications Futures program, it is currently Chairman of ITU TELECOM Forum Programme Committee.
Is the director of UK based OpenKnowledge.

Laurence Lock Lee: ONA and Governance's processes for the future enterprise

Laurence Lock has over 35 years of experience in management consulting, and is considered a reference on the international issues of knowledge management and the intellectual capital. He has university positions in Australia and Europe and dozens of publications in international journals. He also is founder and partner of Optimice Ltd, in which he developed an original approach to ONA-Organizational Network Analysis.

His personal blog collects thoughts, ideas and insights on these issues, with particular attention to startegie best to display data and to implement strategies that are able to translating it into concrete results expendable for business.
Also maintains a blog on the processes of governance and how these are influenced by changes in enhancing knowledge management and organizational change.

Laurence at the Forum will held the pre-workshop on IT Governance: an approach based on informal networks

Among his last articles and posts:

Laurie Buczek: think differently, work differently

Laurie is Social Computing Program Manager for Intel.

Laurie is responsible for leading the analysis, design, evaluation and adoption of tools for Intel global social sharing his views and lessons learned as early adopters and pioneers of social computing

In addition to his work at Intel, Laurie is volunteers in the community and has held leadership roles and senior management in marketing, technology, strategy for nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Her personal blog recently launched, is definitely a source to watch to track interesting trends.
Inside there are reflections on the human and cultural dimension even before the technological one: the real innovation goes - first of all - the people and organizational processes.

Laurie will participate in the forum dedicated track all'HR 2.0 presenting the case for Intel.

Some of his most recent post:

Jane McConnell and Intranet 2.0

Jane McConnell is an intranet and portal specialist. She founded NetStrategy/JMC as an independent consultant and works primarily with international / global companies and organisations on positioning and strategy roadmaps for intranets and portals, governance and intranet management issues, customisation strategies and how social media concepts applied internally can bring value to organisations.

Her personal blog - open from more than nine years – is considered a real reference. "Globally local ... global Locally"  is constantly updated with the latest trends on the development of informal networks and corporate intranets. 

We highly suggest her latest report on trends of the intranets, a kind of "bible" of how the organization of the intranet is evolving and which future scenarios is necessary to move to. 

On the cover of the report stands an origami; metaphor - according to McConnell – of nowadays  intranets: complex or simple, integrated or articulated, but always unique in their specificity. 

The International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 promotes E20 startups

You have coded the new Enterprise 2.0 killer application and simply cannot wait to show it to the rest of the world? Have you developed a solution to the problems of large European companies in the field of collaboration, social networking, blogging and wiki? Come and prove it!

After having launched a contest for students, the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 also wants to reward those behind the scenes trying to evolve everyday the technology offering, making it richer, more usable and closer to needs of large and small organizations.

If you represent a startup (Italian or not) and you want to share your solution, now it's time to get involved!
The winners will have the opportunity to present their application in front of the best international experts and hundreds of companies from all over the world. You can also join the entire conference (value 1000 €) to meet potential investors, clients or partners, without spending a dollar.

Who can participate

Scott Gavin: empower skills and experiences with E 2.0

Scott spent 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry as an IT project manager including time managing the industry's largest clinical trial system. It was also in this industry where Scott cut his teeth on the design and deployment of web based social tools, a.k.a Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. 
The most famous example is Pfizerpedia, the first official E2.0 deployment in the space.
More recently Scott has been operating across many functions and sectors on both the training side and development of Web 2.0 tools for business. As part of this work Scott often speaks at industry events and host workshops and masterclasses for industry executives.

His personal blog is full of interesting contents and studies.
From reflections and benefits of adopting Enterprise 2.0 strategies for companies to suggestions of public papers


Hutch Carpenter: innovating throughout emergent processes

Hutch Carpenter is VP of Product for Spigit.
Spigit is a platform which helps organizations to manage innovation, offering software focused on idea management and prediction market, empowering the creative force of informal networks inside corporations.
His personal blog: offers interesting reflections on innovation and internal cooperation, but also on how to use the suggestions coming from the outside market to empower the development of your business reality. 
A recent article analyzes the way to innovate in an emergent way.

In this case – as seen for Esteban Kolsky – reflecting on the role of social media and on the new models of customers relationship management.

Verna Allee: creare valore con le reti sociali

Verna Allee, M.A. is CEO of Value Networks LLC a technology company providing enterprise level value network visualization and analysis applications. She is recognized worldwide for her work in value networks, knowledge management, intangibles, communities of practice, and new business models.

Her personal website collects a wide number of contributions and researches focused on how to empower the informal networks inside the enterprise and on how to create business value throughout social dynamics.
Her research mainly focuses on Value Networks, defined as structured relationships which generates economic benefits throughout complex trades between people, groups and organizations.

A complete list of her publication is available here:

In the third edition of the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0, Verna Allee will address a speech focused on how to transform social networks in business value, on 10th of June.

Esteban Kolsky: Customer Relationship Management became... "Social"

Esteban Kolksky is the president and founder of ThinkJar, a consulting and research company which develops business strategies focused on customers. 

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