The International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 is a conference organised by Open Knowledge, a company formed in Italy but now with offices in London, Shanghai and Sydney.

OpenKnowledge is a consulting firm helping clients increase their level of performance and efficiency through creative approaches to internal and external collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing. OpenKnowledge brings innovation into organisations by means of the new Enterprise 2.0 paradigm which is based upon a more participative, informal and bottom-up approach which leverages social capital and new collaborative technologies.

Advisory Board

  • Susan Scrupski (SoCo Partners)
  • Sameer Patel (Sovos Group)
  • Emanuele Scotti (Open Knowledge)
  • Rosario Sica (Open Knowledge)
  • Emanuele Quintarelli (Open Knowledge)

Contact us

For more information about the event or sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

My statusEmanuele Quintarelli
Phone: +39 (02) 5810 7211
Skype: emanuelequintarelli